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Krubi creative

By the River

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This artwork symbolizes the love and reverence for our land and heritage. In the heart of the painting, local cod gracefully swim through the river, embodying the lifeblood that sustained our ancestors for generations. Along the riverbank, ferns offer both shade and sustenance, a gentle reminder of the nurturing embrace of nature.

In the background, you'll find the tracks of animals, telling a tale of coexistence and abundance. Dreaming dots dance across the canvas, each cluster a representation of the stories of our people, passed down through generations, connecting us to our past. Large gathering circles stand as symbols of unity, reflecting the bonds that tie us together as community.

I've depicted white clay deposits as white circles, used for sacred ceremonies and traditions that have shaped our identity for centuries. Gold paint can be seen throughout the artwork, representing a land rich in precious metals.

With each stroke of my brush, I pour my heart and soul into preserving and sharing the essence of our culture. Through this artwork, I invite you to join me on a journey through time and spirit, to feel the heartbeat of Gundungurra country resonating deep within your soul.

Details : 

Size 96cm x 55cm with frame

Medium: Acrylic on Cotton canvas. 

Frame: handcrafted recycles Australian hardwood

Ready to hang

Comes with a certificate of authenticity and description.