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Krubi creative

Dhaura "Earth" series - Mini

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    Introducing my latest abstract piece that delves into my deep connections with the Gundungurra country. This artwork is a tribute to my ancestors, the "Diamond People", known for their skill in carving tools from diamond-like materials found in our land.


    As a woman, this piece is a reflection of my lineage, a nod to the powerful Aunties and Grandmothers who came before me. It carries with it the traits and song lines passed down through generations, echoing the voices of strong women in each stroke.


    Floral symbols are woven into the composition, symbolizing the enduring feminine bond that ties me to my family and heritage. An arch stands prominently, representing self and the journey of self-discovery within these intertwined histories.


    This piece is more than art—it's a visual tale of heritage, womanhood, and self. 



    Materiels: Earth pigments on cotton canvas. binded with acrylic binder.

    Frame: Handcrafted Oak float frame.  

    Size: 22cm x 19cm

    Ready to be hung, ready for dispatch. Authentication certificate and care package included. 

    Shipped with insurance.