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Soulful Heritage | Original artwork - By Clara Trindall

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"Soulful Heritage"

The canvas becomes a sanctuary where every stroke resonates with the profound sense of purpose found in culture. Natural tones and intricate patterns weave together, reflecting the journey of self-discovery within one's cultural roots. The artwork invites you to explore the intricate tapestry of traditions, imparting a deep connection to purpose and identity. As each element unfolds, a narrative of resilience, wisdom, and purpose emerges, leaving the viewer immersed in the richness of cultural heritage.
  • Size: 50cm x 40cm with exterior wooden frame- Pine 
  • Acrylic on cotton canvas, high-quality semi-gloss varnish.
  • This piece comes with a Digital certificate of authenticity, care instructions, and artwork details. If you would like a printed copy please let us know.