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Krubi creative

Mini camphor wood block - "Waratah dreaming"

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    Waratahs are a significant part of many dreaming stories for our Nation. They are used to depict the incredible beauty and sacredness of a women's heart. I wanted to evoke the waratahs beauty and have highlighted the natural patterns of the woodgrain in the background of this artwork, to further show the deep connections our people had with the natural world that surrounded them. 


    These handmade timber blocks help give your space an earthy feel!  Created with recycled camphor laurel timber, known for its natural menthol smell. 

    • Naturally antibacterial 
    • Energising natural menthol smell
    • The painted face is sealed with non-toxic timber wax for protection and safe handling. 


    • Hand-crafted and hand-painted recycled wooden Camphor block.
    • Acrylic medium.
    • Not toxic hardwood oil is applied to painted faces for longevity and protection. 
    • Organic arch shape, 10cm (h) x 8cm (l) x 2.5cm (w).
    • Ready to dispatch.