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Ocean is calling - Original artwork - By Clara Trindall

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    This artwork depicts the connection our people had to the Ocean. They would often travel down from the mountains to the sea and visit their neighbouring clan groups. I have recently learned about the Leatherback Sea Turtle. It’s such a beautiful creature, that can grow up to 3m long. The world’s largest sea turtle is sadly nearly extinct, with only 2000 left in the world. This gave me the idea to paint and help grow awareness. This humongous turtle often migrates through south NSW waters. I can only imagine how beautiful the ocean was before colonisation. It would have been truly magnificent. I hope this artwork can depict a little of its beauty. 

    Shipping : This artwork will be posted within 2 weeks from date of purchase. 


    • Size: 30x30 cm with exterior frame
    • Acrylic on cotton canvas
    • Pinewood floating frame