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Krubi creative

Our place amongst the stars

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    "Our place amongst the stars”

    This piece celebrates the waters, mountains, and sky, as well as the deep connection our people held with the stars above. In the center of the artwork, I have painted l community circles to depict our people coming together to honor the elements that sustain their lives. These community circles, surrounded by the vast expanse of stars, represent the infinite knowledge and wisdom our ancestors possessed and passed on. The rivers play a vital role in sustaining both the land and our people, while the mountains stand tall as symbols of strength and resilience, embodying the deep connection our people have with the land.


    • Size: 142cm x 83cm with exterior frame - Tasmanian Oak
    • Acrylic on cotton canvas
    • Gloss varnish
    • Comes framed, with Tasmanian oak.
    • This piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, care instructions, and artwork details.