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Krubi creative

"Patterns in Nature" Series

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    Here I chose to use fluid art to reflect natural form and a more organic pattern work. This is to magnify the beauty of natural flow, and motion.  This peice is an extension of my "Patterns in Nature" series that I normally create on a wooden medium. 

    As a world, we have slowly separated people and products further and further from their original state. The beauty of Aboriginal culture is that it forever will be bound to the connection of nature in its raw form and the profound respect for its incredible beauty when minimally disturbed. This work aims to reflect this concept.


    Medium: Acrylic on cotton canvas, medium gloss varnish applied.

    Size: 34cm H x 36cm L (including exterior frame)

    Wooden exterior frame: Hand-crafted Tasmanian Oak

    Artist: Sharon Robbie 

    Clan Group: Burra Burra and Burragorang clan group of Gundungurra Nation. 

    - Comes stretched with a handcrafted Tasmanian oak exterior frame. 

    - Ready to hang.

    -Ready for dispatch.

    -Certificate of authenticity, description, and care package included with this artwork.