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Krubi creative

"Rest" - Wooden desk art - Mini

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    The story:

    This block holds a symbol that often represented a junction point, these places were often where people stopped, rested, and re-grouped before continuing on their journey. 


    These handmade timber pieces can be placed on your desk/bench or side table to give your space an earthy feel!  Created with recycled camphor laurel timber known for its natural decongestant properties helping you breathe easy. 

    • Added character
    • Naturally antibacterial 
    • Energising natural menthol smell
    • The painted face is sealed with non-toxic timber wax for protection and safe handling. 


    • Handcrafted and handpainted recycled wooden Camphor block
    • Acrylic medium
    • Non-toxic hardwood oil is applied to faces for longevity and protection. 
    • Size: 9 H x 5 L x 3.5cm W
    • Ready to dispatch