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Sacred Ceremony || | Original | By Clara Trindall

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    DAMAGED ARTWORK: This artwork is on sale because the canvas was stretched too tightly during framing, leading to cracks in the paint in certain areas. Refer to the photos for details. The cracks of the paint won't extend. These crack are only visible from up close. 

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    Shipping 3 -  5 business days. 
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    This artwork represents ceremony. Our people would come together for ceremonies regularly for many different reasons, they are highly sacred traditions. Ceremonies were often held to ensure the Indigenous laws and dreaming would continue and be passed down to younger generations. The colour white displayed in this artwrok was often used in ceremonies as body paint and had a highly sacred ancesterol connection. It represents great knowledge and is a pure, balanced colour.


    • Size: 50cm x 50cm  
    • Acrylic on cotton canvas
    • Floating wooden frame. (Tasmanian oak)
    • This piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, care instructions and artwork details.