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Krubi creative

Whispers to your heart - Original artwork - By Emily Trindall

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    "Whispered to your heart"

    When I feel the earth beneath my feet, it reminds me of all the people who have come before us, the stories they would have shared and the memories they would have had. In a way the earths layers connects us all, its one thing we all journey on.

    Here I display the intricacy of each layer within the mountains, they represent a collection of layers within the earth and also the collection of memories and stories that the earth holds. If you sit quietly, connecting to the depths of soil that holds you in place, it feels as though you can hear those memories softly whispered to your heart, like sacred secrets told under a softly setting sky.


    • Size: 65cm x 50cm with exterior frame - Varnished Tasmanian Oak
    • Acrylic on cotton canvas, high-quality semi-gloss varnish.
    • Comes framed, with Tasmanian oak.
    • This piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, care instructions, and artwork details.