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Krubi creative

Mother and child asleep under the stars

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These handmade timber pieces can be placed on your desk/bench or side table to give your space an earthy feel!  Created with camphor laurel timber known for its natural decongestant properties helping you breathe easy. 

  • Added character
  • Naturally antibacterial 
  • Energising natural menthol smell
  • Optional night light feature, batteries included.
  • The painted face is sealed with non-toxic timber wax for protection and safe handling. 


These pieces are made to order, they will be ready within 3-4 working days of ordering. 

Please add a note at checkout for any colour changes you would like. 


 "Mother and child sleeping under the stars"This piece shows a deep connection between mother and child. The child is centered within the mother to represent their close bond and display the strength and security a mother is to her child. It celebrates the adoration we have for children and uplifts this beautiful relationship.

Displayed on a large wooden block.


As these pieces are handmade each one is slightly different and each shape and design is unique. 

Small -  10cm tall, 3.5cm width

Medium - 12cm tall, 3.5cm width

Large - 14cm tall, 3.5cm width

Please note sizing is approximate.