Get to know us more

We are deeply connected sisters and emerging Gundungurra artists. 

We are the descendants of the Bidgywan (water dragon) people, from Burra Burra and Burragorang clan groups, of Gundungurra Nation. Bidgywan represents the totem of our two clan groups and is strongly associated with our creation story of Gurangatch and Mirragan.

Krubi creative was born from our desire to artistically embrace and preserve our culture and showcase this to our greater community.

Krubi creative is a family-run small business comprising of three sisters. We all have different elements we bring to our artworks which are quite evident in our designs, we love that our personalities can be seen through our works.
A lot of our inspiration is from nature, we use a lot of symbolism to express the importance of certain elements found in nature to our people. We also love to share some of our ancient songlines. Gundungurra people often depicted the large mountains that surrounded them as spirits that were frozen in time for different reasons. A lot of our works use arches to represent this ancient carried-down interpretation, we use line work, repetitive patterns, dots, and some more contemporary designs, incorporating flowers and other elements that were and still are significant to our people. A lot of our artworks are centered around river systems, as they are highly significant within the Gundungurra Nation and surrounding Nations, they provided so much healing and natural resources.
We strongly believe in the continual growth and demonstration of Aboriginal culture. We love that through our art we can continually celebrate our heritage and demonstrate the beauty that we have cherished, and are so honoured to call our lineage.

Our names and significance

- Sharon after our Aunty Sharon
- Clara after our Nanna Clare.
- Emily after our great Nanna Emily. 
We are all "namesakes", which is a common cultural practice for Indigenous people.