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Culture inspiring Art

We love sharing with you, what we love and cherish about our culture.

Immersing ourselves in the creative process to express what simply cannot be
put into words. Our pieces have a strong focus on nature, its beauty, and
its sacredness. All of our designs are made thoughtfully and sometimes take over 30+ hrs
to paint.

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We are passionate about our culture and presenting it through art and
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our Indigenous culture.

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We love this land and believe it is each one of our responsibilities to look
after and cherish it. We try wherever possible to reduce waste, plastic use,
and source whatever we can from local businesses.


"I received my painting today and it is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much.

I am an interior designer/stylist and was going to use the print for my styling jobs but it is now going up in my home."


I was drawn to look at your art and when I saw one called Wattamolla I thought of my childhood years at the beach with my dad and siblings, most often it was at Wattamolla. I was drawn into the art and when I read about the songlines I knew I had to have it becasue as a child I spent a lot of time playing around the Burragorang lookout area at Nattai and when I had my DL I used to drive out and spend my weekends in the area as it has always been my place of peace and inspiration. I even had my dad drive me over 10-hours to see it from the other side of the Blue Mountains and we had to camp over there for the weekend. I used to dream I was a bird flying over the valley and my heart would sing as I soared high. And so this piece of art brings much more to me than I could have imgained. My heartfelt gratitude to Clara for creating it.

Thank you for the beautiful art you are brining to the world and for being such inspiring young Indigenous Business owners.


I just wanted to write a quick email to say a big THANK YOU! I love the piece you did for me, you are truly talented and it is such a beautiful piece. I got this piece as a present to myself, for surviving the first year of my own business. It hangs in my bedroom and I gaze at it every morning when I wake up, and every evening before I go to sleep. It has such a wonderful way of making me be still for a moment, which is a gift in the busy world we live it. Thank you for incorporating such a beautiful story in the piece, it means the world to me.


I want to thank Clara so much for this stunning artwork. My beautiful children commissioned this peice for my birthday ❤ I was moved to tears! (MANY) The most precious gift I ever recieved. It is simply stunning, as is the meaning behind it. Thank you so so much x You have created a family heirloom that will be forever treasured.


  • Light

  • Connected in Love

  • Narooma

  • Trail of Flowers

The sun is very loved and appreciated by our people. Light is life giving and represents warmth and safety. Often our people talk of the night being a scary time, they were always glad to see the sun rise and give a new day. This artwork reflects the sun and depicts its beauty to us. 

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This is a special piece to show the power of connection and love between two people. The vastness of the skies and the detail in this work represents the complexities of love.

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This artwork is called Narooma a word associated with blue water and running water. I wanted to celebrate the mountains and water, and simply display how significant they are to our people. The water runs through the center of the artworks, as it is the center of many dreaming stories and was such an integral part of our ancestors life's who lived tribally. The stones run along the sides of the river and symbolize the many boulders and rocks that lay on the creek beds around the Gundungurra region. Along the top are the camp circles that were often set up along the life-giving river. 

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This piece celebrates the flowers that come out to dance and display their beauty.

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