Our sustainable journey

Sustainability and preservation of this beautiful earth is something we believe to be of great importance, we will try our hardest to contribute our business to sustainable processes. Here's what we are doing so far:

ECO packaging: There are variations in how we need to package our products to ensure they are secure and arrive safely to you! But wherever possible we use eco packaging from our quality provider "Heaps good". This includes eco stickers/ hex wrap/ eco tape/ cardboards and we are currently looking at other options such as bubble wraps made from recycled fibers. 

Print on demand service: By printing as orders come in we can reduce waste from potential overstocking. Also all of our prints are created here in Australia, we support other local Australian business.       


Our exterior wooden frames: We offer camphor laurel wooden frames as an option for commission pieces, not only does camphor have a unique and beautiful smell but it also adds a very rustic look, due to the nature of dark and light features that play and twirl into each other. Although camphor has desirable characteristics, we cannot deny the impacts it is having on our native bushlands. It is listed as a significant environmental weed in NSW. We see using this timber as a great way to create a resource out of something that could otherwise be a threat to our native Australian environment. Our camphor timber is also locally sourced from a timber mill in NNSW. We also source some beautiful recycled timber to use as an option for our exterior wooden frames.