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Narooma | Limited edition | Aboriginal Art Prints |High quality giclee print | By Emily Trindall

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    This artwork is called Narooma a word associated with blue water and running water. I wanted to celebrate the mountains and water, and simply display how significant they are to our people. The water runs through the center of the artworks, as it is the center of many dreaming stories and was such an integral part of our ancestors life's who lived tribally. The stones run along the sides of the river and symbolize the many boulders and rocks that lay on the creek beds around the Gundungurra region. Along the top are the camp circles that were often set up along the life-giving river. 



    - All our prints are created using the Giclée method, giving superior quality, detail, depth, and colour. 

    - Our fine art prints are processed once ordered. Please allow up to 4 weeks for production time, before the item is ready for shipment.

    -We print on high-quality materials. 

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