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Krubi creative

"Patterns in Nature" - Wooden desk art - Small

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     The story:

    As a world, we have slowly separated people and products further and further from their original state. The beauty of Aboriginal culture is that it forever will be bound to the connection of nature in its raw form and the profound respect for its incredible beauty when minimally disturbed. This work aims to reflect this concept. It holds intricate lines and dot work, and along it small arches represent people deeply connected within nature. I have incorporated  Eucalyptus leaves into this peice, they are an ancient source of cleansing and healing for our people, and bear great cultural significance. 


    These handmade timber pieces can be placed on your desk/bench or side table to give your space an earthy feel!  Created with recycled camphor laurel timber known for its natural decongestant properties helping you breathe easy. 

    • Added character
    • Naturally antibacterial 
    • Energising natural menthol smell
    • The painted face is sealed with non-toxic timber wax for protection and safe handling. 


    • Handcrafted and handpainted recycled wooden Camphor block
    • Acrylic medium
    • Non-toxic hardwood oil is applied to faces for longevity and protection. 
    • Size: 10.5 H x 11.5L x 3 cm W
    • Ready to dispatch