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The Strength of the singing river | Aboriginal Art Print | By Sharon Robbie

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The strength of the singing river

As the water flows seamlessly through the valleys you can hear the water fall over the rocks and lands, creating a beautiful sound, as though it has created its voice, singing to anyone who can still their minds, and listens.

Our people would describe the sound of the river as a song. The rivers that run through Gundungurra nation were vital in providing essential resources to our ancestors, they also provided healing and strength to women during birthing. The scene you see here is a representation of a sacred place on our country where women would come to birth. They found so much comfort from the river during such a powerful moment in their lives, and as the river sung to them, under the cover of the mountain they were empowered to birth. This original artwork was donated to an auction to raise money for the Perth children's hospital. When I painted this story I wanted to create a place that gave a sense of both security and strength, to reflect what children need during their time in the hospital.

Meaning of each element:
Emu tracks: they depict the tracks of women as they walk up and down the mountian while carrying their babes. This displays the incredible physical strength the women had, the mountain climbs were a part of everyday life for our ancestors and were done effortlessly.

Mountains: the vast mountain ranges of the Blue Mountains region are well known, and are a powerful symbol of strength.

Dotted circles:
Represents different family groups and communities. The support of your family and community is so so important during times of sickness and healing, thats why I have chosen to incorporate that into this peice.

Vertical lines along the mountain ridges: Represent the song of the river, resonating through the mountains.

Arches within the river:
This represents women and people emerged in the river, receiving its strength and resources it freely gives.

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