We acknowledge our elder's past and present, they drum through our veins and we carry forward their march toward a brighter future for our people.

Yadagee - Hello

We wanted to dive into a little more deeply the passions and aspirations. We are very proud to identify as Aboriginal women and are excited to be on a journey to share and embrace our culture with you. We are so proud of the evolving fields of business our people are contributing to and are excited to see the personalities, skills, and expressions of Aboriginal people being heard, seen, appreciated and learned. We hope to contribute to the ever-growing Indigenous peoples in business. We want to help change our future and close the gap that has been so apparent in the generations before us.

 We continue to fight their fight for cultural preservation, resilience as a people, and growth. We would love to hear from anyone interested in collaborating with us via our email.

Yours truly Krubi creative